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i wanna ride with you.

21 October 1984
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improvise a dramatic death scene.

jessica. jess. pretty england. currently slaving over media, art, history & sociology.

twin. self assured. witty. optimistic. daydreamer. sarcastic. observer. loud laugher. anxious. classic. awkward. musical. animal lover. showoff. determined. shy. stubborn. procrastonator. vain. compassionate. attention whore. defensive. funny. early riser. easily pleased. accident prone. gamer. tv nerd. deep thinker. loud. sentimental. flippant. dedicated. worrier. talker.fangirl. smiler. high fiver.

daniel craig. crime drama. animals. music. accents. blue eyes. philip glenister. james bond. grand theft auto. black eyed peas. media. keeley hawes. england. walking. eddie izzard. texting. facebook. scott maslen. sleep. ashes to ashes. boon. monarch of the glen. lily allen. sarcasm. eva green. ian waite. mock the week. photoshop. lady gaga. london. spring. top gear. ballykissangel. pink. car journeys. uggs boots. cats. dogs. britains got talent. holidays. xfactor. morrissey. michael jackson. stephen fry. my phone. eastenders. icon making.
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when someone close to you dies, move seats.
-- Jimmy Carr